What do i need to get started?

If you are ready to schedule an appointment immediately, call or text me at 330-510-1388. We'll talk about what's going on with you and if I'm the right fit to help you. If I am, we'll schedule you an appointment.

What can i expect at the first session?

First sessions are known as intake sessions. These sessions are casual, comfortable, and approximately 50 minutes long. We'll cover the initial paperwork including informed consent, privacy, practice policies, and a verbal history of your goals, diagnoses, past treatment, family history, etc. At times, these administrative tasks may feel more clinical in nature but helps give me some important background pieces about who you are. The second half of the intake session is more fluid conversation identifying and setting goals so the therapeutic process can begin.

How much does it cost?

If you choose not to use your insurance, the cost is $130 for the initial assessment and $110 for following appointments. I currently accept Aetna, Anthem, Buckeye, Cigna, and Medical Mutual. To know your costs with insurance, call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask about your copay for mental health services.

what can you help me change?

Here's the deal. Your mental health is a lot like your physical health. If you work out and eat right, you will get in shape. Some people are just naturally in better shape than others and they don't have to work as hard to maintain a certain physique. Just like with your mental health. Some people won't have to work as hard to get their thoughts and feelings in order and others will have to really bust their butts at it. You can change. I know it. I see it every day. If you put in the work every day to get in good "mental shape," then you'll reach your goals. So no matter whether you want to be a better dad, husband, employee, or young man, it's as simple as having honest and real conversations about what that looks like for you.